White Ravens 2013: Now available

Throughout each year, the language specialists (Lektoren) at the Internationale Jugendbibliothek (International Youth Library / IYL) select recently published books that they consider especially noteworthy. Books of international interest that deserve a wider reception on account of their universal theme and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design are included in the White Ravens catalogue. All 250 titles will be on display in Bologna at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Come and browse the White Ravens 2013 selection! You find us in Hall 29 / B 56 or on pinterest!

WR2013Our recommendation list is an important tool for children’s literature professionals not only in libraries, schools and publishing houses. It has fans all over the world who say:

„The White Ravens selection is really good for looking at and getting to know new and unusual books from different countries in the world.“

„We are grateful that the White Ravens catalogue helps spread the work of our wonderful and creative writers and illustrators on the world stage.“

„I love the White Ravens list and am so glad you make it available online as well as in print form.“

„White Ravens helps to find out about the best and most recent production around the world.“

„White Ravens is an excellent and valuable source of information on truly international youth literature. I value it highly – especially for the Japanese/Asian sections.“

Because the collections of the International Youth Library consist exclusively of books we receive from publishers, institutions,organisations, and other friends of the IYL around the world, only review and donation copies qualify for the selection of the »White Ravens«. To offer a broad range of publications, we attempt to present titles from as many different publishing houses as possible. Unfortunately, not all publishing houses that consistently and generously supply the IYL with their books can be featured here every year. We cordially thank each and every one of them for their shipments of books!

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