Letterally different – travelling exhibition in Slovenia

Our travelling exhibition „Letterally different“ was shown in Koper, Slovenia.
We cordially thank Urška Bonin for her report!

Unusual alphabet books from around the world
6.10.2014 – 7.11.2014

The entire exhibition was exposed in two separate departments of the Srečko Vilhar Public Library of Koper, Slovenia, namely the Children and Adolescents department and Adult readers department between the 6th of October and the 7th of November 2014. All of the books were exposed in glass showcases, so none of them were open to touch to the general public. However we organised many guided tours where children could browse the books under supervision.

The guided tours were accompanied by an introductory workshop where we explained the history of writing, speak about the different writing systems and mentioned the so called hornbooks. After the tour we organised various craft workshops according to childrens‘ age.

435 children aged five to nine visited organised guided tours. They were mainly from local elementary schools, we had also three groups from kindergarden and five groups of italian minority from Italian elementary school and kindergarden.

Pressemeldung1_urskaalfabetiWe informed the media about the exhibition. It was advertised on the local radio stations, newspapers and several web pages. Beside that the journalists published two articels in two local newspapers, a slovene and italian.

We received really positive feedback from visitors but what mostly flatered us was a gift from kindergarden children. They liked the guided tour so much that after they returned to their kindergarden they draw their impressions and said a few words about the exhibition. Their teachers meticulously collected and wrote down children statements and combined them in a wonderful handmade book which they delivered after some days to the library.

Pressemeldung2_urskaalfabetiSo the whole event was a really positive experience and it ended way too soon. We are considering of purchasing some of the items from the exhibition if they are still available on the market. And last but not least we are very proud that a slovene author was also included in your book selection.

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