María Elena Walsh and the International Youth Library

I first heard about a legendary German castle filled with children’s books from across the world from Jeff Garrett at the beginning of my junior year at Northwestern University. It took me a while to realize that he wasn’t exaggerating — but as soon as I did, I was determined to go to the International Youth Library. I was working on a project on the Argentine children’s author María Elena Walsh at the time and, fortuitously for me, there were a great number of sources on Walsh at the IYL to which I did not have access in the United States. I had pored over the dossier on Walsh presented to the 1994 Hans Christian Andersen Award jury at the Northwestern Special Collections library, but could only locate a handful of the sources listed  in the extensive bibliography. Weiterlesen

Chinese Picture Books and Magazines Donated from Dong Fang Wa Wa in Nanjing

Fengxia TANI am Fengxia Tan, fellow for three months at the International Youth Library. I teach children’s literature in Nanjing Normal University and often give some public lectures to promote children’s reading in China. I translated some English children’s books into Chinese and help publishers to select excellent foreign children’s books to publish. One of my research goals is to propel communications of Chinese and other countries’ children’s literature.

There are very few publishers in China who are familiar with the IYL in Munich, Germany, therefore I decided to share some information about this international library with some publishers. Weiterlesen

Reflections by Donna Adomat

DonnaIn 2011, Donna Adomat, Professor of Literacy Education at the  Department of Literacy, Culture & Language, Indiana University, Indiana, USA, spent two months as a fellow at the International Youth Library. We were flattered when she sent us the folllowing lines:

As I was looking over all the things I’ve done in the past 5 years, I realize what a profound impact the IYL has had on my life and the direction my research is now taking. It was a joy for me to experience Germany in a way apart from family, to get to know a group of talented people who are passionate about books, and to have the great privilege of spending two summers perusing some of the world’s best literature. I learned so much, and I now promote the use of international literature in my courses as well as in the professional organizations of which I am a member.

Thank you so much, Dear Donna, it was our pleasure to have you as our guest!

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award – Awardee 2013: Isol

We are happy to present this year’s ALMA awardee Isol. On Wednesday, 22nd of May Isol will pay us a visit. From 7 pm on the German audience has the opportunity to meet Isol in person. Weiterlesen