Discoveries at IYL: Poèmes Du Soir

Each of our international guests is asked for their personal treasure they find during their stay with us. This treasure found by Nicola Daly, University of Waikato, New Zealand, IYL-Fellow 2017.  wonderfully matches our current activities in Arabic children’s and youth literature.

Poemes du Soir (Evening Poems, Heredia & Dentan, 2016) is a collection of 9 poems presented in both French (in Latin script) and Arabic (in Arabic script). In fact, Sibylle Weingart the French Lecturen brought it to me as she knew I am interested in bilingual picturebooks. Poemes du Soir is part of the 2017 White Raven’s catalogue. The publisher La Port a Jauni , established in 2015, is based in Marseilles where there is a large Arabic-speaking population and it  describes itself as specialising in producing French-Arabic bilingual books. The publisher’s website explains that their books are designed “to play with the double meaning of reading in French and in Arabic” (La Port a Jauni, 2017). Weiterlesen


Discoveries at IYL: Coloured pictorial series of myths

A Treasure report for IJB by Yue Wang, PhD Candidate, Macquarie University, Australia

I am interested in retellings and adaptations of myths, legends, folklore, fairy tales from Chinese culture, specifically of Monkey King story, but also includes some other folk tales and stories, such as Mu Lan story, fox spirits tales, ghost spirits tales and so on. I think modern and contemporary fantasy writing for children and young adults will draw inspirations from these cultural resources. And I am curious about how they could be transformed to new shapes to fit in modern era. Weiterlesen

Discoveries at IYL: Books, books, books

The fellowship program offered by the International Youth Library allows up to 15 researchers from all over the world to stay and work in our reading room. Our guests always find ther personal „treasures“. Today we would like to share with you what Dr. Kimberly McFall, Assistant professor at Marshall University, West Virginia, found during her stay with us:

During my time at the International Youth Library, I have been exposed to numerous books on my research topic of “Whose God? Using Children’s Literature to teach multicultural awareness.” The topic started specifically in illustrations that used religious symbolism and morphed into a broader scope of themes that include Myths, Folklore, Celebrations, Instruction, and Nature. Weiterlesen

PM: Die Illustratorin Lilo Fromm

Neue Ausstellung in der Internationalen Jugendbibliothek
18. September 2017 bis 18. Februar 2018

Der goldene Vogel
Die Illustratorin Lilo Fromm

Vor 50 Jahren wurde Lilo Fromm für ihre farbenfrohen, traumverlorenen Illustrationen zu dem Grimm‘schen Märchen „Der goldene Vogel“ mit dem Deutschen Jugendbuchpreis ausgezeichnet. Mit kraftvollen, musikalischen Farbklängen brachte die Illustratorin in den sechziger Jahren einen frischen Ton in die Bilderbuchlandschaft und prägte eine Generation von Kindern, die mit ihren Bildern aufwuchsen.

Fast vergessen ist, dass Lilo Fromm auch eine hervorragende Zeichnerin ist, die den Charakter einer Figur mit wenigen Strichen witzig und treffend ins Bild setzt. Ebenso gekonnt beherrscht sie die detailliert ausgearbeitete Federzeichnung. Weiterlesen

Impressions of the Bologna Book Fair 2017 by Bahar Eshragh

I am so pleasantly happy that I had the opportunity to visit the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Visiting this Book Fair is truly a great booster and has encouraged me to continue my further research in translating for children. Bologna is not only a site of transaction, but also a home of cultural exchange. A place which hosts culturally, socially, and historically diverse communities who live together in “peace” in a short period of time, from 3 – 6 of April. It is also a place that any newcomer has a chance to meet prominent figures and broaden the horizons of his / her community. Weiterlesen

PM: ALMA 2015, PRAESA zu Gast am 3. Juni

Der Gewinner des Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards (ALMA) 2015 kommt am 3. Juni 2015 zu einer Festveranstaltung in die Internationale Jugendbibliothek. Weiterlesen

Frank Cottrell Boyce recieves James Krüss Award 2015!

Announcement / Press Release

Frank Cottrell Boyce will receive the James Krüss Award for international children’s and youth literature 2015! His German translator, Salah Naoura, will also be honoured.

To his readers, Boyce’ wit, pace and facility with language are consistent proof that “story telling can add to the self-discovery of each individual, but also to the memory of a society”. Weiterlesen