Von Japan nach Südkorea!

Eine Wanderausstellung auf großer Reise: Die Werke des
brasilianischen Illustrators Roger Mello zu Besuch in Japan

Ein Rückblick

Während das White Ravens Festival im Juli 2014 auf Schloss Blutenburg und ganz Bayern in vollem Gange war, neigte sich auf der anderen Seite des Erdballs ein anderes 2-monatiges Event dem Ende zu: Die Wanderausstellung „Das fantastische Farbenreich des brasilianischen Illustrators Roger Mello“ der Internationalen Jugendbibliothek wurde am 22. Juli 2014 im Chihiro Art Museum Azumino in Nagano, Japan, beendet. Die Ausstellung war dort seit 16. Mai unter dem Titel „Lá do Brasil! Roger Mello, artista das cores / All the Way from Brazil! Roger Mello, an Artist of Colors” zu sehen. Weiterlesen

Roger Mello travelling exhibition in Japan!

In the last few decades, Brazilian children’s literature has undergone great development. One of its most creative and multi-faceted representatives is the internationally known illustrator and author Roger Mello. In 2010, Mello was the first Brazilian illustrator to be named a finalist for the renowned Hans Christian Andersen Award. He was awarded with this important prize in March 2014! Weiterlesen

Anastasia Arkhipova: My second time in the HCA Award Jury!

Despite arduous work I feel privileged„. Anastasia Arkhipova enjoys her work in the jury of the Hans Christian Andersen Award!

It is for the second term that I am on the HCA Award jury. And I was on the juries for other contests before.  Every time it is such an arduous task – to choose the right author, the right illustrator, the one who is better than all the others.  It seems to be really impossible, the final decision can’t be indisputable! We have so many candidates from different countries, and there are no weak artists or writers among them. Each one was nominated by his or her country as the best of the best, they are already top-ranked, their status is undeniable. Weiterlesen

Fanuel Hanán Díaz: Proud to be a HCAA Jury Member

„I have lived intensely with each artist and had their company for a while…“ – Thank you, Fanuel, for sharing your experiences as a jury member of the Hans Christian Andersen Award!

Participate as a member of the jury of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award has meant a relevant experience in my professional life. Coincidentally I was at the press conference in Bologna Book Fair when jurors´s names were announced. I felt great joy when I heard my name, especially because being part of this jury implies a recognition of the professional involvement and the critical work that each member has developed over many years. Weiterlesen

Behind the scenes of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards

The whole Award process starts almost as soon as the previous one has finished.  At the end of the ‘Andersen Year’, which is always an even year, the National Sections of IBBY are invited to submit nominations for the Jury, as well as submit the nominations of the actual candidates for the awards.  The IBBY Executive Committee selects the Jury from the nominations at its meeting in Bologna.  Weiterlesen

María Jesús Gil: The importance of the Hans Christian Andersen Award

The Hans Christian Andersen Award, the most prestigious award in literature and books for children, has an international jury whose members are democratically chosen in General Assembly from candidates of  IBBY National Sections. Weiterlesen

Ayfer Ünal: My work as a HCAA Jury Member

„Artists make this world a better place“ – one of the statements of Ayfer Ünal, jury member of the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2014. Thank you, Dear Ayfer, for this personal insight into the work as a jury member!

I served for the Hans Christian Andersen Jury for two terms, both in 2012 and in 2014. It is immense work as well as immense pleasure! Weiterlesen