Fanuel Hanán Díaz: Proud to be a HCAA Jury Member

„I have lived intensely with each artist and had their company for a while…“ – Thank you, Fanuel, for sharing your experiences as a jury member of the Hans Christian Andersen Award!

Participate as a member of the jury of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award has meant a relevant experience in my professional life. Coincidentally I was at the press conference in Bologna Book Fair when jurors´s names were announced. I felt great joy when I heard my name, especially because being part of this jury implies a recognition of the professional involvement and the critical work that each member has developed over many years. Weiterlesen

Fanuel Hanán Díaz: Jury Member of the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2014

On March 15 and 16, 2014 the Jury meeting for the Hans Christian Andersen Award will take place at the International Youth Library in Munich. We feel honoured to host this important event and look forward to welcoming the jury members.

Fanuel graduated in Literature at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, and gained a Magister Scientiarum in Science and Applied Arts and an honorific mention in Television, from the Universidad José María Vargas. He coordinated the Department of Selection of Books for Children and Young People of Banco del Libro and directed the literature magazine Parapara. He has been member of the jury in several national and international children’s literature contests, including the BIB. As a theorist and researcher of Children’s Literature, he has given lectures and workshops in several Latin American and European countries.

He has been honoured with many awards for his work and has written several non-fiction books for children, which have been included in the SEP (Ministry of Education) programme in Mexico.  His book, with co-author Mónica Bergna, Cartas a Leandro, was included in the 2008 IBBY Honour List.  Fanuel is also Editor of the Latin American children’s literature magazine Barataria and he currently holds the position of Production Director at Larense Publishing House, while developing research proposals as an independent scholar.

The other Jury Members are: Anastasia Arkhipova, Ayfer Gürdal Ünal, Susan Stan, Maria Jesus Gil, Sabine Fuchs, Erik Titusson, Enrique Pérez Diaz, Sang-Wook Kim, Elda Nogueira, Sahar Tarhandeh, Deborah Soria