Chinese Picture Books and Magazines Donated from Dong Fang Wa Wa in Nanjing

Fengxia TANI am Fengxia Tan, fellow for three months at the International Youth Library. I teach children’s literature in Nanjing Normal University and often give some public lectures to promote children’s reading in China. I translated some English children’s books into Chinese and help publishers to select excellent foreign children’s books to publish. One of my research goals is to propel communications of Chinese and other countries’ children’s literature.

There are very few publishers in China who are familiar with the IYL in Munich, Germany, therefore I decided to share some information about this international library with some publishers. Weiterlesen

PM: Buchschenkung des chinesischen Generalkonsulats

Das Generalkonsulat der VR China in München unterstützt den Ausbau des Bestands
an chinesischsprachiger Kinder- und Jugendliteratur in der Internationalen
Jugendbibliothek mit einer großzügigen Buchschenkung. Weiterlesen