Impressions of the Bologna Book Fair 2017 by Bahar Eshragh

I am so pleasantly happy that I had the opportunity to visit the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Visiting this Book Fair is truly a great booster and has encouraged me to continue my further research in translating for children. Bologna is not only a site of transaction, but also a home of cultural exchange. A place which hosts culturally, socially, and historically diverse communities who live together in “peace” in a short period of time, from 3 – 6 of April. It is also a place that any newcomer has a chance to meet prominent figures and broaden the horizons of his / her community. Weiterlesen

2 days, 4 jurors, 1003 books – The Bologna Ragazzi Award 2015

At the International Youth Library, it is one of my tasks to keep track of all the children’s and young adult books published in the English-speaking world. Therefore, the famous Frank Zappa quote, “So many books, so little time“, is my constant motto. However, never has this quote been more relevant than on my last visit to Bologna. On February 13th and 14th, I had the honour to join Fanuel Hanán Diaz, children’s literature expert from Venezuela, American graphic designer Dinah Fried, and Italian journalist Stefano Salis as a member of the international jury for this year’s Bologna Ragazzi Award. What a pleasure! Weiterlesen

Books and Social Media – Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2013

This year, the International Youth Library again attended the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, which took place from 25th until 28th March 2013. The fair is the most important international get-together for professionals involved in children’s publishing. And for us, it is a great honour to be part of this exciting event! Each year we present our selection of “The White Ravens”, books of international interest that deserve a wider reception on account of their universal theme and/or their exceptional style.

Over the years it has become clear that no other event is more inspiring and stimulating than this fair and we hoped that in the field of ‘Social Media for Book People’, the fair would be the hot spot for exchanges within the virtual community. Weiterlesen