Rückblick auf die Illustratorentage – „Von Flucht, Anders-Sein und Vorurteilen“

In Anbetracht der aktuellen Flüchtlingssituation in München und der täglichen Nachrichten aus den Kriegsgebieten, haben viele Kinder Ängste und Fragen. Auch wenn für sie der Krieg scheinbar weit weg ist, wird er in ihrem Alltag durch Begegnungen oder Nachrichten immer präsenter. Deshalb ist es besonders wichtig, sie bei der Auseinandersetzung mit den allgegenwärtigen Bildern nicht allein zu lassen. Vier Illustratoren und Autoren aus Belgien, Slowenien und Deutschland waren eingeladen um sich auf der Grundlage ihrer Bücher mit Kindern über die Themen Flucht, Anders-Sein und Vorurteile kreativ auseinanderzusetzen. Und auch die Erwachsenen hatten die Gelegenheit die Gäste in einem Illustratorengespräch kennenzulernen. Weiterlesen

Guten Tag, lieber Feind! A thought-provoking exhibition

In the aftermath of World War II, one of the guiding principles of Jella Lepman, founder of the International Youth Library (IYL), was to promote peace, tolerance and intercultural understanding through children’s books. The current children’s and young adults’ picture book exhibition ‘Guten Tag, lieber Feind’ (Hello, Dear Enemy), celebrated its homecoming to the IYL on 15 November 2014,  having travelled throughout the world to great acclaim since 1998 and it most certainly subscribes to this ethos of promoting values of peace and international understanding. It also raises awareness about the tragic effects of war, the loss of family, home and security, particularly on children. Weiterlesen

Guten Tag, lieber Feind! An offer for reflection

A few windows, high underneath the attic roof, allow a little light to seep into the small space we now occupy. Rough wood walls are daubed with paint, and the tattered remains of posters hang desolately. Other brighter posters offer information. Propaganda perhaps? We understand little of what they say. Rope dangles emptily from the beams – for what purpose has it been placed there? A suitcase lies open, the contents spilling out, and in a corner it seems that someone seeking a little privacy has placed some sheets of cardboard around a few ragged cloths. Weiterlesen

Guten Tag, Lieber Feind! Impressions of the Exhibition

Who or what is your biggest enemy? Is it war and the inevitable destruction that
follows? Perhaps it is a fear of those that appear different – speaking a foreign
language, wearing unusual clothes, or representing a divergent ethnic or racial

From caged tigers and gun-toting cats to masked giants and unnamed governmental forces, the updated exhibition Guten tag, Lieber Feind! examines this concept through a menagerie of international picture books. Each of the books helps children understand either how to live peacefully with the “enemy,” or explores the consequences of conflict. The work of Jella Lepman and the International Youth Library has been to build bridges of understanding through children’s books. Weiterlesen

Lawrence R. Sipe Collection

Larry SipeAfter the unexpected death of American Dr. Lawrence R. Sipe, picture book researcher and collector, his heirs donated his children’s and youth book collection to the International Youth Library.

Dr. Sipe was Professor for Literature and Education at the Penn Graduate School of Education (University of Pennsylvania) in Philadelphia, as well as Chair of their program for Language and Literacy in Education. The focus of his academic studies was the interplay between picture, text, and paratext in picture books, and research in children’s reading behavior. As a former International Youth Library Research Fellow, Dr. Sipe had close connections to the library. Weiterlesen