Online now: The White Ravens 2019

With great pleasure we present to you the 2019 edition of our annual catalogue
»The White Ravens«.

This year’s cover is teeming with a flock of curious, book-loving birds in blue, yellow and white. The feathered friends, both big and small, are eagerly pecking at pages on the search for their favourite book. Diego Bianki, the creator of this picture, is also the illustrator of the book »Cuentos cansados«, which was selected for the »White Ravens 2018« list.

The »White Ravens« catalogue is the most important annual publication of the International Youth Library. It aims to promote quality in children’s book publishing and has become an increasingly useful tool for anyone interested in looking beyond national borders.

This year, the »White Ravens« contain a selection of 200 notable children’s and young adult books from 58 countries published in 37 languages.

The printed catalogue is published prior to the Frankfurt Book Fair. Meet us at our booth in Hall 3.0/K118 and get your personal copy. Or read this year’s White Ravens online:

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