“Tell us about Momo” – video competition winner Khaled Cholha visits the International Youth Library

Samir Éditeur, Goethe-Institute Lebanon and Assabil started the video competition „Raconte-nous Momo !“ in cooperation with the IYL on the occasion of the publication of Michael Ende’s Momo in Arabic. They invited young people from 10-14 years to talk about Momo in a 2-min video in Lebanon and Jordan. A Jury composed by Amira Elmasry (Goethe-Institut), Cathy Khattar (Assabil) and Ebtihal Shedid (translator of Momo in Arabic) chose 7 finalists: Shared on the social media channels, Khaleds video was the most liked and shared and he won the first prize: A trip to the Bavarian capital Munich!

On April 29th, 14-year old Khaled came with his in Germany living family to visit the International Youth Library in Munich.  Part of his price was a visit of the International Youth Library and especially of the Michael Ende museum.

We took the occasion to make an interview with Khaled to know a little bit more about the young man. Special thanks to our young translators Khalid and Ahmad!




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