Participants of the Fellowship Programme 2017

Serbia, Iran, Turkey, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Singapore, Poland, Chile, China, Australia, New Zealand, Spain: In 2017, 19 fellows from all over the world researched in the field of children’s and young adults‘ literature with the unique stock of primary and secondary literature of the International Youth Library.

January – February 2017

Daniela Skokovic spent her second research stay at the International Youth Library. During her first stay she planned the first festival of picture books in Serbia which occurred in October 2016. In 2017, the senior librarian pursued her interest in gender issues in newly published picture books. She now aims to write reviews for a website to make the artistic work in children’s literature more visible in Serbia.

March – May 2017

Bashar Eshragh, born in Tehran in 1980, is a PhD candidate in Translation Studies at Allameh Tabataba’i University. Her main research area is translation criticism in children’s literature. Her stay at the International Youth Library was also her first visit to Europe. She loved the amiable atmosphere and the great book collection at the IYL. For her, Schloss Blutenburg is a gateway for gaining new experiences.

April, June – August 2017

Ilgim Veryeri Alaca is an Assistant Professor at the Koç University, Istanbul, in the Department of Media and Visual Arts. She is interested in the material and sensorial aspects in picture books. At the IYL, she enjoyed visiting the Michael Ende Museum and appreciated the opportunity to meet other international scholars. The fellowship enriched her perspective in the field of children’s books, helping her deepen her research.

April – May 2017

Tijana Tropin studied comparative literature in Serbia. Today she is a research associate and works as a translator. In her studies, she focuses on the fantasy genre in children’s literature and its Serbian variant. As children’s literature is neglected in Serbian research, she decided to apply for a research fellowship at the International Youth Library. For the comparative aspect of her work, the stay offered her an opportunity to access various primary and secondary literatures from other countries.

April – June 2017

Yi-Wie Shen from Taiwan discovered her interest in international children’s literature while in high school. She studied in New Zealand and at the I-Shou University in Taiwan. She is on a PhD-track and compares Chinese and Taiwanese literature and illustrations in picture books. She is especially interested in the stories of Winnie the Pooh. At the IYL, she found more interesting monographs than expected and lengthened her stay for two weeks.

May – August 2017

Nermin Vehabovic, Ph.D. Student at North Carolina State University, is particularly interested in literacy education. His current project explores the ways that refugee experiences are represented in international children’s literature. At the IYL, he had the possibility to enlarge the internationality of his sample, which for him was necessary, as the experience of refugees is a topic of global significance. He had the opportunity to get to know and to share ideas with research scholars, writers, illustrators and publisher around the world.

May – August 2017

Thomas Crisp works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta. With his initial research project, he wanted to analyze the construction of gender and sexual identity in the work of artists honored with the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustration. Then he rediscovered his interest in the only U.S. illustrator honored with this prize, Maurice Sendak, and continued studying his works. About that experience, he published the first “Discovery” article on our blog.

June – July 2017

Bogum Yoon has a Ph.D. in English Education and is an Associate Professor at Binghamton University in the state of New York. Until the year 2000, she worked as a teacher educator and English teacher in Seoul, in her native country of Korea. Her major research plan was to examine contemporary children’s picture books with the critical lens of multicultural and global education. For her, the learning experiences during her two months at the International Youth Library were beyond description.

June – July 2017

Adolfo Córdova Ortiz works as writer, journalist and researcher specializing in children’s literature. Even before starting his M.A. in Books and Literature for Children and Young Adults, he had a strong interest in this research field. At the International Youth Library he continued his research on poetry for children and young people in Latin America, considering only non-rhymed poetry. But his stay at the library was not only focused on his research project – as a writer and journalist he is also a story-hunter, and in the castle stories are endless.

June – July 2017

Myra Garces-Bacsal, born and raised in the Philippines, is an Assistant Professor and Program Leader of the Masters and Bachelor’s Program in High Ability Studies and Gifted Education at the National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her interest in children’s literature arose with her own motherhood 16 years ago. During her stay at the International Youth Library, she focused on the development of reading, which will support social and emotional learning in school.

July – September 2017

Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna is an Assistant Professor at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of painting and sculpture. Her research project at the IYL was dedicated to studies in book illustration origins, namely what factors decide the final shape of a specific book. The art historian studies book illustration as an art resulting from several different dependences. For her, the book collection and treasures in the Binette Schröder Cabinet were amazing for this project.

July – August 2017

Isaac Larison is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. His specialty in children’s literature is studying how teachers use literature to teach about social issues and cultural differences. In the beginning of his stay at the IYL, he thought he knew was he was doing: He wanted to look for books that had depictions of God and/or religions in them. But he discovered a wealth of material he had not anticipated, so that he was able to build categories. The staff of the IYLmade him feel like a member of an extended family.

August 2017

Kimberly McFall, also an Assistant Professor at Marshall University in Huntington, is Program Coordinator for school libraries and teaches at the graduate level. She worked together with her colleague Isaac Larison. During her stay, she studied images and depictions of God and the use of religious symbols in children’s literature. She had the opportunity to use more than 200 books in the collection that would have otherwise been inaccessible at her home institution.

August – September 2017

Macarena Garcia-Gonzales is an Assistant Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies in Educational Justice. During her stay at the IYL, she managed to get access to sources for a research project on narratives of normalcy in Spanish picture books. Motivated by the experience of browsing through the archives, she also worked on to other projects. The dialogues with the other fellows, especially Prof. Dorota Michulka and Nermin Vehabovic were very fruitful for her.

August – September 2017

Dorota Michulka is a Professor at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, where she works in the Department of Methodology of Polish Literature and Language Teaching. In her research, she is interested in representations of the past and figures of memory in Polish contemporary literature. Her study is based on children’s literature, intercultural and comparative studies, and literary education. Therefore, the IYL offered her a varied collection of books.

September – November 2017

Yue Wang studied literature at Beijing Normal University and is now a Ph.D. student at Macquarie University in Sydney, where she researches on the fantasy genre in children’s literature. During her stay at the International Youth Library, she wrote about the adaptations of legends and folk tales in Chinese literature for children and young adults, a subject area in which the library is well provided. She always dreamed of coming to Europe, and she was not disappointed: The forest next to her housing in Munich reminded her of those in the Brothers Grimm’s’ tales.

September – November 2017

Nina Goga is a Professor at Bergen University College. After working as a lecturer in various institutes of higher education and as a teacher, she came to Bergen University College, first as a Ph.D. student. Before her stay at the International Youth Library, she mostly examined maps in children’s fictional literature. During her fellowship, she focused on atlases for children, namely the way Norway is represented in them. She included a historical and a comparative perspective, in which she analyzed atlases published in Norway and elsewhere.

October – November 2017

Nicola Daly is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, where she works in the field of children’s literature. She has a Ph.D. in human communications sciences. In her research project, she is interested in multilingual picture books. She analyses the linguistic landscape, including how languages are placed or given status in the books. Her expectations concerning her stay at the IYL have been fulfilled: She found a place with a lot of books and had enriching interactions with the other fellows and the library staff.

October – November 2017

José Ramón Alonso Peña is a Professor at the University of Salamanca. Unlike other fellows, José Alonso has a doctoral degree in neuro-biology and not in literature. In this context, he writes popular scientific books for children and young adults. He analyses how scientific protagonists are illustrated in picture books and comics. For a long time these scientists were drawn as old, white and often mad men. He wants to show the diversity of scientists and to encourage children to take this professional path. For him, the IYL is a unique and beautiful place full of books, and he is really grateful for the opportunity to work in this place.

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