Update on the project: „Was hast du im Gepäck?“

The International Youth Library is the biggest library of children’s stories in the world. This past week they have been host to a group of children that perhaps have more stories than the entire library inside them. Where we often think of refugees for what they lack, a stable home or financial and institutional support, we have discovered over our first week working with kids, ages 12-17 that these young people also have brought an abundance of experience, care, history and thought with them as they have traveled dangerous and arduous paths to arrive in Munich.

This week we have used the arts as a way of connecting not only with the lives of these diverse young people who each speak at the least three languages, but also as a way of thinking about the connections that they must re-make with their own identities. We’ve used games and improvisation, theater, storytelling, map-making and painting to create portraits of our journeys, the countries from which we’ve come and ourselves.

We’re looking forward to the next few weeks working with them, thinking through the complex stories that they are living, and hopefully having some fun along the way. (Christopher Myers and Kaneza Schaal)

The project „Was hast du im Gepäck?/ What have you brought with you?“ with young refugees  from several accommodations is taking place from August 22 to September 9 2016. The final presentation is on September 9 at 7 p.m. (Reservation: programm[at]ijb.de)

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