Kinderliterarisches Rezept: Nogi’s boxed meal – Teriyaki chicken with rice

Although this recipe was found in a fantasy story, it is really tasty! This meal is very popular with young Japanese people because it is easy to prepare and it does not cost much!


To have a party for four people you need:

4 slices chicken dark meat
1 apple
4 ladle (about 60cc) sake
1 ladle (about 30cc) soy sauce
2 ladle (about 30cc) mirin (sweet sake)
50 grains sansho (Japanese pepper)

How to prepare:

  1. Grate an apple with its skin on and mix with soy sauce and sake
  2. Cut a few parts of the chicken skin. Fry the skin first on a frying pan for a long time over  a low flame, wiping the chicken oil with kitchen paper. Don’t use oil.
  3. After the skin surface is slightly burnt, turn over and fry until the chicken is almost cooked through.
  4. Add 1 (apple, soy sauce and sake)
  5. Add mirin (sweet sake)
  6. Add roughly ground sansho (Japanese pepper) grains. Take the pan off the flame
  7. Cut the chicken into several pieces and put them on rice with sauce

We cordially thank the Japanese publishing houses for their permission to publish this recipe.

We found this recipe in „Moribito no subete: „Moribito“ shirizu kanzen gaido“ (all about „Moribito“: The Complete Handbook) ISBN978-4-03-750140-2

This recipe was originally included in the „Balsa no shokutaku (Balsa’s Dining Table)“ published by Shinchosha.


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