Frank Cottrell Boyce recieves James Krüss Award 2015!

Announcement / Press Release

Frank Cottrell Boyce will receive the James Krüss Award for international children’s and youth literature 2015! His German translator, Salah Naoura, will also be honoured.

To his readers, Boyce’ wit, pace and facility with language are consistent proof that “story telling can add to the self-discovery of each individual, but also to the memory of a society”.

“Tension, humour and empathy shape the narrative of the children’s and youth books by Frank Cottrell Boyce. He reaches forgotten people in the lost corners of the world with the influence of grand art, young people with the challenge of being enormously rich, as well as children in the aftermath of migration and deportation. He does not spare his heroes and heroines, but knows how to break up the drama with sparks of humour. Frank Cottrell Boyce tells stories about difficult social conditions for individual families or regions of the world, but at the same time he asks what and how art can do to make life better. His books are a lesson in taking notice; their wit, in playing with language or images, breaks through the accustomed superficial observation. Just like James Krüss, Frank Cottrell Boyce’s oeuvre is multilayered and complex. His children’s and youth books derive from the same spirit as his screenplays do, which he has created for directors such as Michael Winterbottom or Danny Boyle. In each of his books and stories, he asks anew with remarkable ease what storytelling can add to the self-discovery of each individual, but also to the memory of a society” – states the Jury in its opinion.

© Carl Hunter

© Carl Hunter

Frank Cottrell Boyce, born 1959 in Rainhill, Merseyside, wrote his first children’s book at the age of 45. Millions immediately was successful internationally. Further children’s and youth books were to come, amongst them Framed and The Unforgotten Coat, which was awarded the German Youth Literature Award. In the UK, Boyce belongs to the most well-known playwrights in the country. His screenplay for the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London made him world famous.

Frank Cottrell Boyce’ children’s books are ingeniously translated into German by Salah Naoura, who is also a famous children’s book author.

The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, 2nd July 2015 at 7.30 p.m.
in Blutenburg Castle. The Awardee and his translator will be present.

The Award
The James Krüss Award for International Children’s and Youth Literature is awarded every other year in memory of James Krüss. Its aim is to honour and promote the art of narration, open mindedness, and tolerance. The award is granted for the oeuvre of a living children’s and youth author. The awarded work needs to stand out for its linguistic brilliance, originality, imaginative storytelling, and humanity. In case of a foreign awardee, the award is given also for the German translation of the works. The works’ presence on the German book market is compulsory. The James Krüss Award for international Children’s and Youth Literature is offered by the estate of James Krüss.

Jury Members
Dr. Roswitha Budeus-Budde, Robert Elstner, Dr. Christiane Raabe, Dr. Michael Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Emer O’Sullivan

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