Anastasia Arkhipova: My second time in the HCA Award Jury!

Despite arduous work I feel privileged„. Anastasia Arkhipova enjoys her work in the jury of the Hans Christian Andersen Award!

It is for the second term that I am on the HCA Award jury. And I was on the juries for other contests before.  Every time it is such an arduous task – to choose the right author, the right illustrator, the one who is better than all the others.  It seems to be really impossible, the final decision can’t be indisputable! We have so many candidates from different countries, and there are no weak artists or writers among them. Each one was nominated by his or her country as the best of the best, they are already top-ranked, their status is undeniable.

What to do? You feel sorry for the talented and esteemed persons who fall out of the list, it seems to be so wrong! But it’s inevitable… We’ll try to do that, to reach the almost impossible goal – to choose one, just one!  What will outweigh in this and that case?  Originality or concern for children? Artistry, professional skill or psychology? Humor or poetical mood? And so on and so forth.  We have to estimate objectively,  notwithstanding our own tastes, and it is so difficult!

We’ll do that. We’ll discuss, argue, disagree, try to persuade each other. And we’ll take the final decision. There will remain one author and one illustrator. And for sure they will deserve it. But I want to tell the other candidates – it’s already a great honour to be nominated for this award, that’s already getting full marks!

I am so happy to have this  privilege  –  to study and to enjoy the books created by the best people in the world who give their talent to children. Thanks to being on the jury I became acquainted with so many outstanding  people from all over the world – acquainted indeed, because nothing tells you more about a person than his or her creative work.

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