Fun with international guests!

The International Youth Library probably owns the most comprehensive and best collection of Japanese children’s literature in the Western World. Not least, we owe this to the generous donations of the famous publishing house 講談社 (Kōdansha) based in Tōkyō.However, Kōdansha not only sends books to our Library on a regular basis, but in addition every year a Kōdansha fellow is sent to the International Youth Library for research purposes. Whether they like it to be sent into the cold Bavarian exile, we don’t know. But we on our part we are very pleased to have them here!

So when Emi Mori arrived last September together with two huge boxes of the newest of Kōdansha’s publications and the longest book of Tōkyō, she made our staff quite happy, obviously …


She also documented the longstanding fruitful collaboration between the two institutions in a piece of art, uniting in perfect harmony the fundamental features of Bavarian civilization – pretzel, white sausage and beer – and snow-capped Mount Fuji, the well-known symbol of Japan.
This important work of contemporary art was to become a lantern set floating on the little lake in front of Blutenburg Castle, on the occasion of our Lantern Festival in December last year.

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