María Jesús Gil: The importance of the Hans Christian Andersen Award

The Hans Christian Andersen Award, the most prestigious award in literature and books for children, has an international jury whose members are democratically chosen in General Assembly from candidates of  IBBY National Sections.

This way, above political matters and borders, writers and illustrators from all countries have the opportunity to be considered by the jury, who works very hard in order to select from among the international nominees the most talented authors and illustrators in a world that needs, today more than ever, excellence in the stories for children and young adults.

It is my honor and my pleasure to preside over the selection process for a second time this year. It is a unique opportunity to me in both the personal and professional aspects. And it is also a great responsibility. Working with a group of so diverse and talented jurors is a great honor and a great experience very inspiring and enriching for me. This year we have ten experts from ten different countries all over the world.  For the 2014, 28 authors and 30 illustrators from 33 countries are candidates for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards. It is a very hard – but at the same time very exciting- task to study deeply the works of each nominee.

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